Movement is a sense.
A source of joy.

Movement is sixth sense and we help bring it back to humanity.

As a psycho-physical process, we believe, good movement has the power to promote long-term well-being and high performance.

Good movement is for everyone

Being able to measure and describe human movement is key to addressing pain, injury, disability, rehabilitation and high-performance.

This is a matter of bringing in a system that feels natural and intuitive to use. Such a system measures and conveys information about our posture and patterns of movement. These measurements have fundamental cues to our potential of being able to live a highly active life or to deliver medal-winning performances without fear of injury or pain.

We are researchers at heart, associating with the best of professionals and organisations, to create technologies that celebrate the exhilarating spirit we feel while we are on the move.

Our platform

The current movement measurement practices and technologies call for large motion capture labs that are expensive and not easily accessible.

We are engineering a system that is easy to carry pocketable, precise and personal. Our 3D movement analysis platform combines wearable sensing technologies offering personalised insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional technologies.

With this, we aim to optimise movement and  facilitate the professionals interested in movement analysis with the right information that helps in understanding movement health. Also, our movement
analysis is aimed at understanding mental health since mind and body are
reflections of each other and in good movement we discover the excellence within.

Our philosophy


Movement as a sense that
is natural to us


Not restricted to the confines of a lab. Helps understand our signature movement patterns.

Subject specificity

To consider the nitty-gritties
of our individual anatomies


Movement as a sense that is natural to us


Our movement patterns and signatures come out vividly outside of laboratory

Subject specificity

To consider the nitty-gritties of our individual anatomies

Our founder

Subrahmanyam Muramalla
Founder, nxtQ Private Limited

Subbu founded nxtQ, the parent company of Movement Form, to enjoy playing tennis the right way. He wished to move right and recreate that moment of joy when our action matches our intention.

Then he took to building a great feedback system that gives the most “humane” parameters of performance. Which, in other words, means “Treating movement as sixth sense, and nurturing that ability”. His ultimate aim, through Movement Form, is to discover that point in space and time when movement becomes a graceful dance, whether it is sport or art or even in activities of daily living.

Working at the intersection of arts and sciences without loss of rigour and intuition is an ongoing effort and learning for him.

Subbu reads a lot of non-fiction (public science, let’s say). He believes in what Eric Fromm says, “Knowledge would be empty if it were not motivated by concern.”

Meet the team

Mr. Ravi S GSR

Ravi S. is a distinguished growth and scale specialist leveraging two decades of corporate experience to drive innovation and commercial success. Formerly a partner at a leading consulting firm and head of innovation at a prominent product company, he now focuses on outcome-driven models in emerging businesses.

Likhith L
Research Intern

Likhith is a Research Intern at nxtQ Private Limited. His interest lies in the study of Gait and Human kinematics and was involved in developing Healthcare and IoT-based projects while studying Medical Electronics Engineering with which he was able to secure awards at the international level. At nxtQ, he is involved in improving the accuracy of the system out of sheer curiosity.

Vineet Choudhary
Lead Research Engineer

Vineet began as an intern and quickly mastered pertinent concepts and technologies. With expertise in 3D modeling and algorithm development, Vineet leads teams towards a highly calibrated system that assures the clients of valid and believable insights

Movement is more than your eyeballs following this text or your next walk.

Discover the depth and power of movement…